Workshop I: (Neo) Aristotelian Naturalism


Our first workshop will take place on wednesday 6.11. 2019. The topics dealt with will be related to aristotelian and neoaristotelian views on the issue of human nature. In addition to our principal investigator professor Michal Chabada, two guest speakers have accepted the invitation to present their ideas at the workshop: doc. Petr Dvořák, PhD (FIÚ AV ČR Praha; CMTF UP Olomouc) and doc. Marián Kuna, PhD. (FF KU Ružomberok). These are the subjects of their presentations:

  • Petr Dvořák - The Concept of Human Nature in Neoaristotelian Analytic Metaphysics

  • Michal Chabada - Philippa Foot on Human Nature in the Context of Aristetelian Naturalism

  • Marián Kuna - MacIntyre on Human Nature in the Context of His Aristotelian Ethics

The workshop will start at 16:00 in room G-236 (the room is in the FiF UK's building on Gondova street in Bratislava).

First Workshop of NAUFIP