Our research team consists of pedagogical and scientific workers at the Department of Philosophy and History of Philosophy, a constituent of Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University in Bratislava. Scientific and research profiles of individual researchers cover all main philosophical disciplines. The department regularly organizes scientific conferences and publishes scientific anthology Philosophica. The department also closely cooperates with the Department of Logic and Methodology of Science and cultivates collaboration with multiple foreign institutions (Universität Wien, FF and FHS UK Praha, FF MU Brno, FF UP Olomouc, Filosofický Ústav AV ČR Praha, FF OSU Ostrava and FF UP Pardubice).

Prof. Mgr. Michal Chabada, PhD. (Principal Investigator)

The principal investigator Michal Chabada is a prominent slovak scholar of the history and thought systems of medieval philosophy. In the project, he investigates the conceptions of natural normativity in the aristotelian ethical naturalism and the relationship between philosophy/science and supranaturalism in medieval and contemporary approaches. As the principal investigator he also provides the overall management and organization of project's activities.

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Prof. PhDr. Zlatica Plašienková, PhD.

The expertise of Zlatica Pašienková covers a wide range of ethical and ecophilosophical problems. Her main aim in the project is to investigate various ethical problems arising in relation to naturalism, and naturalism's explanatory capabilities and limits. She is especially interested in the question of evolutionary basis of human morality.

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Prof. PhDr. Emil Višňovský, PhD.

Emil Višňovský is a recognized expert on philosophy of pragmatism, which is also the area he covers in this project. He is mainly interested in the ontological relationship between nature and culture, pragmatistic naturalism, the analysis of the concept of a human being as an unity of natural and cultural being, and in overcoming the dualism of natural and socio-humanistic sciences in the philosophy of science.

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Doc. PhDr. Ivan Buraj, PhD.

Ivan Buraj specializes in problems of social and political philosophy, with special interest in questions of power. In this project, he will examine the relationship between human biology and social life, as well as their possible interconnection in the concept of biopower.

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Doc. Mgr. Erika Lalíková, PhD.

Erika Lalíková specializes in history of Slovak and Czech philosophy in which naturalism was a distinct current alongside neo-positivism, realism, and neo-Thomism. She will focus on works of I. Hrušovský, G. Vámoš, S. Štúr, and others.

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Doc. PhDr. Mariana Szapuová, PhD.

Mariana Szapuová is most known for her involvement in and forming of feminist philosophy in Slovakia, and for her efforts to introduce a feminist perspective to philosophy of science. Her research in the project is focused on feminist epistemology, with the aim to investigate primarily those forms of naturalized and social epistemology which deal with the socio-cultural context of knowledge production.

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Mgr. Adam Greif, PhD.

In addition to his role as a researcher, Adam Greif performs various administrative and organizational functions in the project. As a researcher, he focuses on naturalistic conceptions in contemporary metaethics that claim that all moral facts are natural ones. His aim is to investigate the possibilities and limits of these approaches.

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Mgr. Róbert Maco, PhD.

Heterogenous interests of Róbert Maco cover wide area of diverse topics, such as the history of modern philosophy, the philosophy of science or the philosophy of mathematics. In the project, he is interested in investigating naturalism as a metaphilosophical position, naturalistic tendencies in contemporary philosophy of science, and critiques of naturalism in the history of 20th century philosophy.

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Mgr. Martin Nuhlíček, PhD.

Martin Nuhlíček focuses on questions of contemporary, mainly analytic epistemology. Within this project, he is interested in naturalistic positions in epistemology, with emphasis given to problems related to epistemic normativity. He also performs various administrative and organizational roles in the project as the principal investigator's deputy.

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Mgr. Andrea Fábiková, PhD.

The research of Andrea Fabikova is directed towards the clarification of theoretical position of evolutionary naturalism. Her aim is to develop philosophical positions related to cogntion, language or morals informed by evolutionary perspective in confrontation with critics of this kind of approach. She became a member of our team on the september 2020.

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Mgr. Katarína Sklutová

Katarina Sklutova is a doctoral student

's specializes in the area of philosophy of mindThe specialization of Katarina Sklutova is the philosophy of mind

Odbornou špecializáciou Kataríny Sklutovej je filozofia mysle, ktorej sa venuje v rámci doktorandského štúdia pod vedením prof. Emila Višňovského. Do projektu nastúpila od 1. 1. 2021 a svoju pozornosť bude zameriavať na naturalistické koncepcie vedomia v súčasných filozofických diskusiách o ľudskej mysli.

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Mgr. Boris Slovinský

Boris Slovinský bol súčasťou riešiteľského kolektívu do 31. 8. 2020, počas svojho doktorandského štúdia pod vedením doc. Mariany Szapuovej. K riešeniu projektu prispel analýzou naturalistických a sociálno-konštruktivistických prístupov k problému miesta hodnôt vo vede.