Workshop II: Naturalism Between Epistemology and Ethics


Our second workshop will take place on thursday 17.09. 2020. The topics dealt with will be related to naturalistic tendencies in contemporary epistemology and its variants focused on the domain of ethics. In addition to NAUFIP's investigator Mgr. Martin Nuhlíček, PhD, two guest speakers have accepted the invitation to present their ideas at the event: Mgr. Filip Tvrdý, PhD (FF UP Olomouc) and Mgr. Petra Chudárková (FF UP Olomouc). They will give talks on the following subjects:

  • Martin Nuhlíček - Forms of Naturalism in Epistemology

  • Filip Tvrdý - Naturalized Epistemology of Vices

  • Petra Chudárková - Naturalism in Contemporary Moral Epistemology

The workshop will start at 14:00 in room G-236 (the room is in the FiF UK's building on Gondova street in Bratislava).

Second Workshop of NAUFIP