Research Stay on Crete

On March 27th-30th, 2023, PhD candidate Katarína Sklutová participated in a research stay in Crete (Greece), aimed at meeting and discussing with a prominent figure in contemporary philosophy of mind, Keith Frankish. The research stay was part of the project APVV-18-0178 "Naturalism as a universal philosophical program.

Keith Frankish is a British-Greek philosopher who works as a professor in the Mind and Brain Programme at the University of Crete. Frankish specializes primarily in philosophy of mind and philosophy of psychology. In philosophy of mind, he is known for formulating "illusionism" as one of the current theoretical positions on consciousness. During the stay, Sklutová, together with Frankish, also conducted an online interview with Daniel Dennett, a prominent global figure in philosophy of mind and consciousness, with whom they discussed the topic of ethics of artificial intelligence.

During the aforementioned meetings, not only Sklutová's current philosophical research was discussed, but also the possibilities of future collaboration.

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